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IT Projects

I believe my 20 years as a headteacher has put me in an excellent position to understand and meet the needs of schools. I always look at computer support from the school's perspective. Technical expertise is vital, but working with staff and pupils is equally important. Many schools ask me to plan IT projects for them. These can range from planning and setting up ICT suites, to rolling out laptops and iPads across the site.

I have set up IT systems in a variety of schools, ranging from a small nursery school to a large primary with over 950 pupils. In addition I have recently been working in a school where I have organised 120 laptops and 64 iPads.

The background photograph shows the ICT suite at one of the schools I support in Cookham, Berkshire and the suite was set up in January 2009. In addition to the new computers in the ICT suite, I also equipped all the classrooms with second user machines. Now that the computers are 6 years old the school would have been faced with a large capital outlay in replacing them with new units. Rather than choosing this option the school chose the much cheaper option of me upgrading the existing machines. Although the computers are quite old they have been completely rejuvenated by replacing the hard disc drives with new super fast solid state drives. All the computers now run Windows 7 and take just over 40 seconds to start up.

The costs involved in this upgrade were just 16% of the cost of providing the school with new equipment.

If however you prefer to buy new stock then this can of course be arranged.